WhyTime Checker Standard?

People choose us because Time Checker allowsyou to track time and prevent stressful attendancemanagement issue. No Subscription Fee!

Time CheckerStandard

Time Checker is designed for growing organizationslike yours, with intuitive timekeeping measures inplace for both management and employees.For instance, employees can clock in and out usingthe biometric device and managers can editemployee time, all from the convenience of theirfavorite web browsers.

Biometric Compatibility

Time Checker is fully compatible with biometricproducts, fingerprint device, which is great foreliminating any “buddy punching” that can affectyour organization’s bottom line.

Time Checker Standard Application

Time Checker Application provides the ability to addemployees and edit time through the interfacefeatures.The managers and supervisors in yourorganization have access to employee information tocontrol labor costs and overtime within Time CheckerApplication. Time tracking tools, such as “EmployeeStatus,” offer management a“real-time” snapshot ofwho is clocked in and what time they arrived.